Liquid Nitrogen Dewar

A liquid nitrogen dewar flask is designed for the storage and distribution of liquid nitrogen. A cryogenic storage dewar such as this is a vacuum flask used in the storage of cryogens that have boiling points significantly lower than the temperature of the room in which they are stored, such as liquid nitrogen or liquid helium. A cryogenic dewar flask consists of layered walls with a high vacuum between the layers that enables thermal insulation between the outside and inside of the storage dewar. This insulation results in a slower rate of thermal loss of the contents of the dewar flask.
Cryogens can present several safety hazards, and for this reason PurityPlus® has a variety of liquid nitrogen shipping vessels and storage dewars that are designed to minimize unnecessary exposure to cryogens while also reducing the rate at which they boil away. PurityPlus® offers the liquid nitrogen dewar flask in several models, dimensions, and weights to meet our customer's specific needs. Our cyrogenic dewar flask and shipping vessels are equipped with a durable exterior finish, greater necktube strength, increased capacity, lightweight build, convenient specimen loading/unloading, and are backed by over 100 years of cryogenic experience.
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Liquid Nitrogen Dewar PurityPlus