Cryogenic Pressure Relief Valve

The whisper valve is a silenced safety device for use as a cryogenic pressure relief valve. The valve solves the problem of loud noise, over 100 dB associated with the activation of the relief valve in cryogenic containers containing nitrogen, argon, or carbon dioxide. Many users of gas in cryogenic containers complain to their suppliers that the loud activation noise scares their employees and causes work disruptions and results in damaged product. This cryogenic relief valve will provide quiet compressed gas pressure relief and thus lead to fewer disruptions and product damages. 
The cryogenic pressure relief valve is easily installed on the vent valve of any cryogenic container and silently relieves the container pressure slightly below the normally installed relief valve. Whisper valve enables compressed gas pressure relief to a noise level of 40-50 dB under normal conditions. The cryogenic relief valve also reduces the gas losses of your cryogenic container to an average of less than 48 cubic feet over 24 hours. It is also one of the devices used to ensure nitrogen gas safety along with the safe use of other cryogenic gases. 
The whisper valve offered by PurityPlus® is available in 4 settings, 22, 230 psig, 350 psig, and 500 psig, along with other settings that are available upon request.  
Whisper Valve PurityPlus   PurityPlus Whisper Valve