Metal Working

As a result of the constantly growing need for construction and manufacturing, the metal working industry is realizing increased popularity, and PurityPlus® specialty gases and advanced specialty gas equipment are in high demand. Our gases and technologies are widely utilized by those involved in metal production to boost productivity, decrease costs, and enhance energy efficiency.

At PurityPlus® we understand the importance of using only the highest quality specialty gases and gas instruments to ensure your processes are carried out correctly, efficiently, and safely. We recognize that precision laser cutting, welding, and other metal processes have established stringent demands on the purities and compositions of the specialty gases deployed in metal production, and that metal workers simply cannot do without exact gas pressures and flow rates. In response to these demands, PurityPlus® offers the highest-quality specialty gases that are certified pure and guaranteed to conform to PurityPlus® quality standards, along with the gas mechanisms best suited for your needs. We do more than just supply you with products; we possess a wide range of services specialty gas experts, and technical support teams that are here to support you with all of your metal working applications. For many years, metal processors across North America have trusted PurityPlus® specialty gases to be employed in even their most demanding metal working tasks.