Xenon Gas (Xe)

What is xenon? 

Xenon (Xe) is an odorless, colorless, nontoxic inert gas that is frequently referred to as the rarest of the rare gases. The average concentration of xenon in the atmosphere is approximately 87 parts per billion (ppb) by volume (0.087 parts per million). Xenon is collected along with krypton in the oxygen fraction of an air separation plant. The krypton-xenon fraction is collected for further distillation and purification in bigger facilities.

Uses for xenon 

Due to its excessively low concentration, the processes of recovering and purifying xenon are quite costly. These expenses and general small annual production rates limit the use of xenon to small volumes in specialized lighting and in specialized imaging equipment in healthcare, such as CT scanning. In this application, a patient is given an oxygen-xenon mixture to inhale before and during the CT scan, which enables doctors to assess blood flow through the brain or review brain damage that has occurred from strokes or other traumatic brain injuries. Small quantities of xenon have likewise been employed in nuclear physics research.

Where to buy xenon

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