EPA Protocol Gas

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency urges the use of Protocol Gases to aid in the monitoring of air pollution. The EPA insists that the use of these gases “helps to ensure that air pollution measurements are accurate and can be trusted.” The protocol process was proposed by the EPA, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, stakeholders, and specialty gas producers and was created with the intention of improving precision and stability of the calibration gases deployed in air monitoring equipment.

EPA Protocol Gas Standards 

The EPA defines Protocol Gases as “compressed gases used to calibrate air pollution monitors for consistent and reliable monitoring.” Not only that, but Protocol Gases also stipulate that the gas concentration that is recorded must be traceable to NIST reference standards and systematically developed using the process laid out in the EPA protocol documentation. The process calls for specialty gas producers to obtain these reference gases for the protocol gas mixtures that they offer for sale. In addition, The EPA further requires that gas suppliers participate in a blind test coordinated by the EPA to verify the consistency and accuracy of their products.

Protocol Gas Suppliers 

PurityPlus® strives to ensure that each of the Protocol Gases we offer not only meets our customer’s expectations, but also meets the requirements established by the EPA. Copies of our compliance documents are always available upon request. To learn more about our wide variety of Protocol Gases, use the distributor locator tool to find and contact the PurityPlus® distributor in your area or call 877-81P-PLUS (877-817-7587).