Nitrogen Dioxide Gas (NO2)

What is nitrogen dioxide?

Nitrogen dioxide (NO₂) is a corrosive, poisonous, brownish-colored, liquefied gas that has several commercial uses. Nitrogen dioxide is an atmospheric contaminant that occurs when fossil fuels ignite as a result of their contact with excess oxygen. At flame-inducing temperatures, the oxygen that is not ignited with the fuel reacts with the nitrogen from the air to generate nitric oxide and is further oxidized to NO₂ in the presence of added heat and oxygen. Nitrogen dioxide is also generated commercially through the oxidation of ammonia at cautiously controlled temperatures in environments that are rich with steam.

Nitrogen dioxide uses 

Nitrogen dioxide is most frequently used in rocket motors in its dimerized state as N₂O₄ (Nitrogen Tetroxide, NOM 4). In this state, it reacts with hydrazine to produce propulsion. These liquefied gases have the ability to be stored in space for long periods due to the fact that they are not cryogenic fluids and therefore do not risk extra venting from boil-off. These gases are utilized to arrange motors in orbiting satellites that may require relocation. Nitrogen dioxide is also utilized in special applications as a sterilizing atmosphere and in organic synthesis as an oxidizing agent.

Nitrogen dioxide's most frequent application in the specialty gas industry is as a component in calibration gases for environmental emission and industrial hygiene monitoring.

Where to buy NO2 cylinders and tanks

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