Krypton Gas (Kr)

What is krypton?

PurityPlus® carries a variety of concentrations and purities of compressed krypton gas. Krypton (Kr) is an odorless, colorless, non-flammable, inert gas and is one of the five Rare or Noble gases that are useful due to their light-supporting abilities and lack of reactivity. Krypton is produced through the fission of uranium, and it exists in the atmosphere as various stable isotopes.

Krypton has an atmospheric concentration of approximately 1.1 part per million by volume. Like other gases that are generated from cryogenic distillation, krypton is recovered at purities of 99.99% or higher.

Krypton uses

There are several important krypton uses. Most krypton is employed in high intensity lightbulb applications and can be found in most neon lighting systems. Kr is also utilized in gas mixtures in excimer laser applications and occasionally in medical gas mixtures. Additionally, krypton is used as an insulator in specialized gas applications.

Where to buy krypton 

High quality PurityPlus® Krypton is offered in a variety of purities and concentrations. If you're searching for where to buy krypton or would like to talk more about the krypton availability in your area, contact your local PurityPlus® distributor using the Find Your Nearest Provider tool, or call 877-81P-PLUS (877-817-7587).

PurityPlus also provides a Krypton SDS available via this link or in the sidebar.