Chlorine (Cl2)

What is chlorine gas?

Chlorine gas (Cl₂) is a corrosive, toxic gas with a greenish-yellow color and a strong odor. Chlorine is most often processed in sizable “chlorine and caustic” plants through electrolysis of a saltwater solution.

Uses of chlorine gas

Chlorine is frequently applied in the synthesis of several inorganic and organic chemical intermediates such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and refrigerants. Because it is an effective oxidizer and is relatively inexpensive to process, chlorine likewise acts as a sterilizer and disinfectant in the treatment of water and wastewater. Additionally, large commercial quantities of Cl2 are used to bleach paper and textiles.

 Highly-pure chlorine cylinders are utilized in the setup of pilot plants and in research on chemical synthesis. Small amounts of chlorine are can be applied to prepare calibration gas standards for environmental and process monitoring.

Where to buy chlorine gas 

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