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What is carbon monoxide gas?

Carbon monoxide gas (CO gas) is a colorless, odorless, toxic, flammable gas that has several different applications.

Carbon monoxide uses 

The majority of the compressed carbon monoxide is produced in first-rate plants that are situated near chemical manufacturers that demand a constant supply of carbon monoxide and hydrogen. Carbon monoxide is also used in organic synthesis to produce a wide range of products, from ethylene to dimethyl ether (DME) to methanol. CO can also be utilized in the textile industry to test the flame resistance of products. Grade 4, 99.99 % pure carbon monoxide is often found in electronic and semiconductor applications. Within the medical industry, high purity CO is often applied in lung diffusion mixes to evaluate pulmonary functions by measuring exhaled CO concentrations during a set of breathing cycles. The largest application of carbon monoxide seen by PurityPlus® distributors is the use of Grade 4 Carbon Monoxide in cylinders to mix highly accurate and stable trace level mixtures for environmental, safety, health and environmental monitoring equipment calibration.

Where to buy carbon monoxide

Because there is such a wide range of carbon monoxide uses, it may be helpful for you to speak to an expert regarding your carbon monoxide needs. To do so, use the Locate Your Nearest Provider link to locate your nearest PurityPlus® distributor, or feel free to give us a call at 877-81P-PLUS (877-817-7587).

PurityPlus also provides a Carbon Monoxide SDS available via this link or in the sidebar.