Buy Boron Trichloride Cylinders and Tanks

What is boron trichloride? 

PurityPlus® offers several grades of boron trichloride available for purchase in cylinders and tanks. Boron trichloride (BCl3) is corrosive, colorless, and toxic gas that is transported in liquid form its own vapor pressure.

Boron trichloride uses 

There exist several Boron trichloride uses, such as acting as a starting material for the manufacturing of elemental boron. Boron trichloride has also frequently been identified with the preparation and refining of aluminum, magnesium, zinc and copper alloys to remove nitrides, carbides, and oxides from molten material.

In North America, most BCl3 was previously applied in the production of electrical resistors in order to create a carbon film over a ceramic base. Currently, however, most Ultra High Purity Boron Trichloride is utilized in plasma etching in semiconductor manufacturing, in which it etches metal oxides by forming boron chlorates.

Cylinder quantities of PurityPlus® High Purity Boron Trichloride are also frequently provided to many universities and chemical research laboratories to be used reagent in the synthesis of organic chemicals.

Where to buy boron trichloride 

To purchase one of our many grades of high-quality PurityPlus® boron trichloride, locate and contact your local PurityPlus® distributor using the Find Your Nearest Provider tool. For more information, give us a call at 877-81P-PLUS (877-817-7587).

PurityPlus also provides a Boron Trichloride SDS available via this link or in the sidebar.