Buy Anhydrous Ammonia Gas

What is ammonia gas?

Ammonia gas  (NH3 gas), often referred to as anhydrous ammonia, is a toxic, colorless, pungent gas. In combination with carbon dioxide that results in the production of urea, ammonia acts as the building block for a variety of agricultural fertilizers.

Uses for ammonia 

A vast majority of ammonia is produced and put to use within the agriculture industry. Cylinder volumes of Anhydrous 99.99% Pure Ammonia are likewise utilized in metal treatment, pharmaceuticals, agricultural and fertilizer research, and wastewater treatment. Ultra-High Purity Ammonia, 99.999% pure, is utilized as a mixing constituent in calibration gases used for specialty semiconductor manufacturing and emission and personal hygiene monitoring.

Where to buy ammonia gas

Customers seeking a reliable ammonia gas producer should locate and contact their local PurityPlus® producer by clicking on our Locate Your Nearest Provider button, or we can be contacted via our website or at 877-81P-PLUS (877-817-7587).

PurityPlus also provides an Ammonia SDS available via this link or in the sidebar.