Buy Compressed Acetylene Gas

What is acetylene gas? 

Acetylene gas (C2H2 gas) is a colorless, highly flammable gas that is commonly used as a fuel gas for welding, cutting, and brazing.This gas is often used as a fuel for an oxy acetylene torch and other welding tools  Acetylene has a unique chemical property: the triple-bond between its carbon atoms. This triple-bond causes the gas to have certain unique characteristics such as its extremely high flame temperature when burned in an oxygen-rich atmosphere.

PurityPlus® offers our PurityPlus Purified 2.6 Grade Acetylene for Atomic Absorption that is guaranteed to maintain purity levels of 99.6%

Where to buy acetylene gas

To purchase high-quality PurityPlus® Acetylene gas in your area, contact your nearest PurityPlus® Specialty Gas distributor by using our Locate Your Nearest Provider button, browse our website and catalog,  or contact us at 877-81P-PLUS (877-817-7587).

PurityPlus also provides an Acetylene SDS available via this link or in the sidebar.