What does PurityPlus Certification Mean?

PurityPlus® manufacturers are a group of independently-owned specialty gas producers in North America that are working through the Independent Welding Distributors Cooperative. Our regularly-performed Standard Operating and Quality Assurance Procedures are an essential aspect of the PurityPlus program. AsteRisk, LLC, a consulting organization in the gas industry, is the company that originally defined, evaluated, and carried out our extensive SOP/QA program. AsteRisk is further endorsed by PurityPlus for its third-party auditing, in addition to its operations and safety consulting. The fundamental aspects of the program are a set of levels or tiers that defines each participant’s performance capacity. These tiers lay out the analytical abilities and processes that are necessary to provide gases of stated purities by adhering to generally approved levels of maximum impurity and analytical tolerances. Additionally, calibration and verification is implemented through standards that are NIST-traceable and confirmed by annual testing.