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Engineering Controls
       Handle only in fully enclosed systems.
       Eye Protection                     Skin Protection            Respiratory Protection
       Eye protection not required, but   Protective clothing is not   Respiratory protection may be needed for frequent or heavy
       recommended.                       required.                  exposure.

       General Hygiene considerations
             Avoid breathing vapor or mist
             Avoid contact with eyes and skin
             Wash thoroughly after handling and before eating or drinking

      Section 9: Physical and Chemical Properties

       Physical State  Appearance  Color   Change in Appearance  Physical Form  Odor   Taste
       Gas          Colorless   Colorless  N/A                Liquefied gas   Sweet odor  N/A

       Flash Point                 Flammability  Partition      Autoignition   Upper Explosive Limits      Lower
                                               Coefficient      Temperature                                Explosive
       Flammable gas. Can be ignited at        2691.53 (log =   581 F (305 C)   81%; 100% if there is a substantial   0.025
       all normal temperatures. A flash        3.44) (estimated                energy ignition source, and under
       point of 0 F (-18 C) (CC) has           from water                      certain conditions of pressure,
       been reported.                          solubility)                     container size and shape.‘

       Boiling   Freezing   Vapor   Vapor   Specific   Water    pH         Odor       Evaporation   Viscosity
       Point   Point     Pressure   Density   Gravity   Solubility         Threshold   Rate
       -103 F  Not       760      0.9      Not        0.94% @   Not        240 mg/m3   Not        0.010 cP
       (-75 C)  available   mmHg @   (Air=1)   applicable   25 C   applicable   (226 ppm)   applicable   @ 20 C
       @ 170             -84 C                                             (detection)
       kPa                                                                 (4); 657
       abs                                                                 mg/m3
       (24.7                                                               (620 ppm)
       psi abs)                                                            (not
       or 69                                                               specified)
       kPa                                                                 (8) 1300-
       gage                                                                2750
       (10 psi                                                             mg/m3
       gage)                                                               (1222-2585
                                                                           ppm) (not
       Molecular     Molecular      Density       Weight per    Volatility by   Volatility  Solvent Solubility
       Weight        Formula                      Gallon        Volume
       26.04         H-C-C-H        1.1747 g/L @   Not available   Not available   Not     Soluble: Acetone, benzene,
                                    0 C                                        applicable   chloroform, ether

      Section 10: Stability and Reactivity

       Stability            Conditions to Avoid  Incompatible Materials
       May decompose        May decompose        Metals, halogens, oxidizing materials, metal carbide, reducing agents, halo carbons
       violently on heating. May   violently on heating. May   BRASS. CALCIUM HYPOCHLORITE, COPPER, MERCURY AND SILVER SALTS,
       explode when heated.   explode when heated.   HALOGENS, HEAVY METALS, HYDRIDES, LIQUID NITROGEN, NITRIC ACID ,
                                                 OXYGEN,  OZONE, PERCHLORIC ACID, POTASSIUM

       Hazardous Decomposition Products   Possibility of Hazardous Reactions
       Hydrogen                       Polymerizes with evolution of heat. Avoid contact with curing agents, accelerators, and/or initiators.

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