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Section 9: Physical and Chemical Properties

       Physical State  Appearance  Color   Change in Appearance  Physical Form  Odor    Taste
       Gas                      Colorless                                   Not available

       Flash Point Flammability Partition Coefficient  Autoignition Temperature  Upper Explosive Limits  Lower Explosive Limits
       Boiling   Freezing   Vapor   Vapor   Specific   Water    pH         Odor       Evaporation   Viscosity
       Point   Point     Pressure   Density   Gravity   Solubility         Threshold   Rate
       -317 F  Not       760      1        Not        Slightly   Not       Not        Not         0.01853
       (-194   available   mmHg @          applicable   soluble   applicable   available   applicable   cP @
       C)                -194 C                                                                   26.85 C
       Molecular Weight  Molecular Formula  Density   Weight per Gallon  Volatility by Volume  Volatility  Solvent Solubility
                                        1.29 g/L @ 0 C                                   Not applicable  Slightly Soluble

      Section 10: Stability and Reactivity

       Stability                           Conditions to Avoid                 Incompatible Materials
       Stable at normal temperatures and pressure.  Stable at normal temperatures and pressure.  None known

       Hazardous Decomposition Products   Possibility of Hazardous Reactions
       No hazard expected.            Will not polymerize.

      Section 11: Toxicology Information

       Acute Effects
       Oral LD50   Dermal LD50  Inhalation
       Not available  Not available
       Eye Irritation        Skin Irritation       Sensitization
       No information is available  No information is available  No significant target effects reported.
       Chronic Effects
       Carcinogenicity Mutagenicity  Reproductive Effects  Developmental Effects
       Not available   Not available   No data       No data

      Section 12: Ecological Information

       Fate and Transport
       Eco toxicity          Persistence / Degradability  Bioaccumulation / Accumulation  Mobility in Environment
       Fish toxicity: Not available  Not available   Not available               Not available

      Section 13: Disposal Considerations

       Dispose in accordance with all applicable regulations.

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