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Chemical Substance  Chemical Family  Trade Names
       AIR, COMPRESSED                   AIR; UN 1002

      Section 4: First Aid Measures

       Skin Contact        Eye Contact      Ingestion                Inhalation                           Note to
       Wash exposed skin   Flush eyes with   If a large amount is    If adverse effects occur, remove to
       with soap and water.   plenty of water.   swallowed, get medical   uncontaminated area. Get medical attention.

      Section 5: Fire Fighting Measures

       Suitable Extinguishing Media             Products of          Protection of Firefighters
       Use extinguishing agents appropriate for                            No respirator is required under normal conditions of
       surrounding fire.                                                    use.

      Section 6: Accidental Release Measures

       Personal Precautions  Environmental Precautions  Methods for Containment
                                                  Stop leak if possible without personal risk.
       Methods for Cleanup  Other Information

      Section 7: Handling and Storage

       Handling                                                                                                Storage
       Store and handle in accordance with all current regulations and standards. Subject to storage regulations: U.S. OSHA 29 CFR

      Section 8: Exposure Controls/Personal Protection

       Exposure Guidelines
       AIR, COMPRESSED: No occupational exposure limits established.

       Engineering Controls
       No specific controls are needed.
       Eye Protection                     Skin Protection                         Respiratory Protection
       Eye protection not required under normal   Protective clothing is not required under normal   No respirator is required under normal
       conditions.                        conditions.                             conditions of use.

       General Hygiene considerations
             Avoid breathing vapor or mist
             Avoid contact with eyes and skin
             Wash thoroughly after handling and before eating or drinking

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