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Section 11: Toxicology Information

       Acute Effects
       Oral LD50    Dermal LD50   Inhalation
       Not          Not          Nausea, vomiting, chest pain, wheezing, headache, drowsiness, dizziness, loss of coordination, bluish skin
       established   established   color, suffocation, lung congestion, coma
       Eye Irritation                     Skin Irritation  Sensitization
       No information on significant adverse effects  Rash   Central nervous system depression, difficulty breathing, asphyxiant
       Chronic Effects
       Carcinogenicity Mutagenicity   Reproductive Effects  Developmental Effects
       Not established   Not established  Not established   No data

      Section 12: Ecological Information

       Fate and Transport
       Eco toxicity       Persistence / Degradability        Bioaccumulation / Accumulation  Mobility in Environment
       Fish toxicity: Not   Relatively non-persistent in the   Accumulates very little in the bodies   Not expected to leach through the
       available          environment. Highly volatile from water.   of living organisms.   soil or the sediment.
       Invertibrate toxicity:
       Not available
       Algal toxicity: Not
       Phyto toxicity: Not
       Other toxicity: Not

      Section 13: Disposal Considerations

       Dispose in accordance with all applicable regulations. Subject to disposal regulations: U.S. EPA 40 CFR 262. Hazardous Waste Number(s): D001.

      Section 14: Transportation Information

       U.S. DOT 49 CFR 172.101
       Proper       ID       Hazard      Packing    Labeling       Passenger Aircraft   Cargo Aircraft   Additional
       Shipping     Number   Class or    Group      Requirements   or Railcar Quantity   Only Quantity   Shipping
       Name                  Division                              Limitations         Limitations      Description
       Acetylene,   UN1001   2.1         Not        2.1            Forbidden           15 kg            N/A
       dissolved                         applicable

       Canadian Transportation of Dangerous Goods
       Shipping Name    UN Number  Class  Packing Group / Risk Group
       Acetylene, dissolved  UN1001   2.1   Not applicable

      Section 15: Regulatory Information

       U.S. Regulations
       CERCLA Sections  SARA 355.30   SARA 355.40
       Not regulated.   Not regulated.  Not regulated.

       SARA 370.21
       Acute Chronic  Fire Reactive Sudden Release
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