Ensuring Superior-Quality Gases for Gas Chromatography


In the years since gas chromatography was introduced well over a century ago, it’s become an indispensable analytical tool in a number of industries, the pharmaceutical and food industries chief among them. Face it: few other methods of separating and analyzing the components of chemical mixtures are as easy, as effective, or as accurate. Today, gas chromatography is ubiquitous in the quantitative and qualitative analysis of complex chemical mixtures and the purification of chemical compounds. It’s also widely used to monitor industrial processes and in the quality-control testing of products.

Of course, the carrier gases required in gas chromatography, aside from having to be either inert or unreactive, must be at least 99.995% pure – higher, in some instances! And that’s where PurityPlus® comes in. No, we haven’t been around as long as gas chromatography. But since our founding in 2005, we’ve been supplying chemical researchers and various industries with carrier gases of the highest purity achievable. We guarantee it, too. Why? Because every one of our 600 partner gas production facilities nationwide is rigorously inspected and certified annually by a trusted independent third-party organization. Our customers will attest to the purity we deliver.

Which carrier gas we deliver – helium (He), argon (Ar), nitrogen (N2), carbon dioxide (CO2), or hydrogen (H2), primarily – depends on the type of detector being used and the chemical components being analyzed. Typically, we provide gases appropriate for…

  • Thermal Conductivity Detectors,
  • Flame Ionization Detectors,
  • Electron Capture Detectors,
  • Helium Ionization Detectors,
  • Flame Photometric Detectors,
  • Photo Ionization Detectors,
  • GC-Mass Spectrometry,
  • High-Frequency Discharge Detectors,
  • Discharge Ionization Detectors, and
  • Ultrasonic Detectors

Our customers also count on us having the carrier gases they need when they need them. With 150 producer-distributors at those 600 nationwide locations we mentioned earlier, we’re better positioned to assure this than most of our competitors. Local availability further means that our customers have ready access to the technical expertise of our partners and can better establish the kind of close relationship that fosters responsive customer service.

If you’d like more information on how we address the needs of those involved in gas chromatography, Contact PurityPlus® today.