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PurityPlus® Oxygen 5.0: The Preferred Ultra-High-Purity, Research-Grade Oxygen

PurityPlus and its more than 150 partners at 600 locations nationwide is a primary source for research-grade oxygen. We designate it as Oxygen 5.0. With a 99.999% purity rating, it’s the highest grade of oxygen we manufacture. That makes it ideal for use in all sorts of critical laboratory and industrial applications.

High-Purity Analytical Gases for Laboratory Research

As research laboratories have proliferated, PurityPlus and its network of more than 150 Partners at 600 locations nationwide have been there to provide top-quality high-purity specialty gases for every analytical need.

The Need for Nitrogen in Pharmaceutical and Biotech Applications

We’ve already discussed the uses Nitrogen gas (N2) in the food and beverage industry. As you might expect, though, given the prevalence of this gas in our atmosphere, nitrogen has lots of other equally beneficial uses. PurityPlus and its 150 Partners nationwide are particularly active, for instance, in supplying nitrogen to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Zeroing In on High-Purity Gases for Laser Welding

Today, PurityPlus and our more than 150 partners at 600 locations nationwide are among the most trusted suppliers of the high-purity specialty gases so essential to the gas laser welding process. Our primary customers are heavily automated high-volume manufacturers – so, as you might expect, many are involved in the automotive industry.

PurityPlus® High-Purity Specialty Gas Regulators: Choosing the Best of the Best for Your Application

PurityPlus specialty gas regulators are designed to extremely precise standards of pressure control, which is absolutely essential to the safety and effectiveness of your work. Not sure which regulator is right for you – or how to go about finding it? Your Local PurityPlus Partner will be happy to help. The PurityPlus Specialty Gases & Equipment Catalog will help too. Here’s a brief overview of the product to help you get started.

PurityPlus® Applied: CO2 for Medical Research Involving CO2 Incubators

CO2 incubators are indispensable tools in medical research. They’re used to house cell cultures that must be kept under observation in as sterile an environment as possible. Different types of CO2 incubators prevent contamination in the incubation chamber by different means, depending on the types of cells being observed. Typically CO2 incubators are used in stem cell therapy, regenerative medicine, and plastic surgery.

Ensuring Superior-Quality Gases for Gas Chromatography

The carrier gases required in gas chromatography, aside from having to be either inert or unreactive, must be at least 99.995% pure – higher, in some instances! And that’s where PurityPlus® comes in. No, we haven’t been around as long as gas chromatography. But since our founding in 2005, we’ve been supplying chemical researchers and various industries with carrier gases of the highest purity achievable. We guarantee it, too.

PurityPlus® Specialty Gases to Launch Its New Branding at Pittcon 2018

As we’ve done for a number of years now, PurityPlus® Specialty Gases will exhibit at the next Pittcon – Pittcon 2018, scheduled for February 26 through March 1 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. This time, in Booth 3024, we’ll not only present ourselves as a technical resource, but we’ll also unveil our new brand identity.

Meeting the Specialty Gas Needs of Microbreweries

We supply microbreweries and brewpubs coast to coast with the specialty gases they require: CO2 and Nitrogen, primarily, but also Chlorine. Those are the top gases, anyway. And, to be specific, it’s our 150 specialty gas producers and distributors at 600 locations nationwide who supply these customers – at the local level.

So... What's Up with Helium?

We’re not here to tell you there isn’t a global helium shortage; the evidence is convincing enough. We are here, though, to assure you that the PurityPlus® partner network of more than 150 specialty gas producers and distributors at 600 locations nationwide is more than able to fulfill your helium needs well into the future.

PurityPlus to Exhibit at Pittcon

PurityPlus will be attending this year’s Pittcon Conference and Expo in Chicago, IL, March 5-9. Stop by booth #1248 for all your specialty gas and related equipment needs.

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Safely Using Hydrogen In Laboratories

With escalating costs associated with the limited supply of available helium, operators and designers of laboratory equipment are increasingly turning to their gas suppliers for hydrogen.

Carbon DIoxide, CO2, or Super-Gas?

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