Mixture Tolerance

There are two considerations used to determine the mixture grade required, the Mixture Preparation Tolerance and the Analytical Certification Tolerance.
Mixture Preparation Tolerance is the variation of a component from the requested concentration. Tighter tolerance requirements such as in the Aerospace or Electronics industries require Primary Standard grade mixtures. Other requirements, such as process monitoring operations can use the Custom Grade gas mixtures, where only the requested concentration is reported on the label. Whatever your gas requirements may be, you can be assured that our technicians will use the proper care and techniques in the manufacture of your mixture.
Analytical Certification Tolerance, is the term used to indicate the level of certainty of an analysis. Any analytical measurement has a small amount of acceptable variation in the results. The higher accuracy methods of analysis have less variation. The Primary Standard Grade has the highest accuracy and the certainty is within ± 200 PPM for components greater than 2.0%. Please contact us if you have any questions as to which is the right mixture for your requirement.