Medical Gas and Cryogenic Equipment

PurityPlus® has a wide variety of medical gas and cryogenic equipment to meet all of your healthcare, biotechnology, and research needs. Whether you're searching for a high-quality whisper valve to provide quiet compressed gas pressure relief and minimize disruptions and product damages or a liquid nitrogen refrigerator to keep your cryogenic materials cool, PurityPlus® has the cryogenic products you need to carry out your operations. For more detailed information, see the equipment pages below and check out our Medical Gas and Cryogenic Equipment catalog pages.
PurityPlus® has a line of liquid nitrogen dewars that are designed to store and easily distribute liquid nitrogen and other cryogenic materials. This cryogenic dewar flask is made of vacuum-layered walls to provide thermal insulation that reduces the rate of the loss of contents inside the storage dewar. 

Whisper Valve

The whisper valve offered by PurityPlus® reduces the activation noise of cryogenic containers and thus leads to fewer disruptions in the workplace and fewer product damages. This cryogenic relief valve provides compressed gas pressure relief and can be installed easily on the vent valve of any cryogenic container. 

Liquid Nitrogen Refrigerator

We also have a large selection of liquid nitrogen refrigerators that are available in a variety of dimensions, models, capacities, hold times, etc. These cryogenic refrigerators enable long-term storage of liquid nitrogen and several other cryogenic materials.  

Gas Manifold

PurityPlus® has a wide variety of gas manifold options available for purchase. Most useful for the Medical Gas and Cryogenic Industry is our selection of gas cylinder manifolds with automatic changeover. Our automatic changeovers or fully automatic changeover manifold systems can change cylinder or bank priority from the original source to an additional supply without risking pressure fluctuations and provide a continuous supply of gas.