Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment

Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment by PurityPlus® ensures unparalleled utilization of advanced specialty gases by maintaining the purity of these gases while simultaneously implementing the most stringent gas safety standards throughout distribution.
Here at PurityPlus®, we don't merely sell high purity gas. We provide top-notch gas equipment from gas regulators and flowmeters, to generators, delivery systems and safety products, in order to guarantee that customers get the most out of their PurityPlus® gases while never compromising safety, capability, or efficiency.
PurityPlus® offers a wide variety of gas regulators usable in several applications that are designed to precisely control the flow rate of liquids and non-corrosive or corrosive gases. These gas regulators include advanced features such as corrosion resistance, adjustable delivery pressure, and easy installation and will ensure that your specialty gas operations are carried out with maximum efficiency and accuracy.
Flowmeters are efficient and reliable devices used to measure the rate of flow of liquids and gases. PurityPlus® offers a complete line of flow measurement devices including flow meters, rotameters, mass flow meters, and more. These devices are designed to safely and efficiently measure flow of your products and come equipped with several state-of-the-art features that further assist and enhance your business' operations and processes.

Medical Gas and Cryogenic Equipment

We also supply a wide range of gas handling equipment designed for successful operation of all of your healthcare, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and laboratory research applications. From directors, to dewars, to refrigerators and shipping valves, PurityPlus® has the highest quality cryogenic equipment guaranteed to meet your needs and enhance your operations.
When working with specialty gas products, ensuring safety is paramount. For this reason, PurityPlus® offers a large selection of gas detection systems to easily and quickly identify and pinpoint the source of 
hazardous gas leaks and other dangerous gas malfunctions.
It goes without saying that gas purity is of utmost importance to us here at PurityPlus®. Because of this, we offer a full line of purifiers and filters to help you maintain purity and avoid contaminants in your specialty gases and ensure that you get the most out of  your purity gas products.
We offer a complete line of manual protocol switchover stations and  automatic changeover manifolds to provide the user with simple and intuitive operations when it comes to changeovers. Our products ensure safety and convenience for users and are equipped with some of the most advanced features on the market.
To help you get the most out of your specialty gases and specialty gas operations, PurityPlus® provides a wide range of gas accessories to help you perform your specific applications. From cylinder connections to lecture bottle equipment to purge assemblies and flash arrestors, we have the gas accessories you're looking for to optimize your operations.
Not only does PurityPlus® want to provide gas users with top-of-the-line gas equipment to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity of specialty gas operations, but we also want to make certain that our customers remain completely safe when working with purity gases. For this reason we have a technical sales force that is available to help you use our products safely. To discuss specific product uses, contact a PurityPlus® Specialty Gases representative at 877-81P-PLUS (877-817-7587) to receive precise product instructions or to learn more about the proper use of our specialty gas equipment.