“On August 15, 2007 a fuel-cell-powered Ford Fusion ran across a salt desert in western Utah at 207.297 mph. The supply of Heliox in such a remote and hostile environment was a logistics challenge and a technical challenge. Your help in both supporting our testing program in Dearborn, as well as our run for the record at the Salt Flats, is greatly appreciated by me and the entire Ford team.”

- Scott S., Ford Motor Company

“Our company requires high purity specialty gases with specific tolerances for use in our manufacturing processes…and Greco Gas has provided excellent quality and delivery of these products over many years. I definitely recommend Greco’s PurityPlus® gases.”

- Pete B., II-VI Infrared Optics

“As a federal government product certification lab, high precision and quick delivery of exotic calibration gases is crucial to our needs. Greco Gas meets all of our high expectations and provides superb customer service and technical support.”


“In quality beer brewing, CO2 is an important ingredient just like malt and hops. We want the best for our customers, so we turned to Noble Gas Solutions and we have been their customer for over 4 years. We need pure CO2 and this is exactly what we get from Noble Gas with each and every order.”

- C. Ryan, Shmaltz Brewing Company

“Noble Gas Solutions is the exclusive provider of cryogens and specialty gas cylinders for our laboratory. They are always incredibly responsive in addressing all our needs and inquires, and the product that they deliver is consistently high quality and purity. I would trust no one else as my supplier.”

- Dr. K. Kolonko, Siena College

“The laboratory at Fox Metro Water Reclamation District has a long standing relationship with Weldstar Company as its primary gas supplier. My experience with Weldstar spans more than two decades. Time and time again, I have looked to Weldstar to handle my laboratory gas needs. Our laboratory’s liquid argon micro-bulk, installed in 2007, was handled by Weldstar. More recently, upgrades to the argon delivery piping, including a new point-of-use distribution system and regulators, were provided by Weldstar. We also installed a helium switch-over manifold for chromatography. All of this was coordinated through Weldstar. Weldstar was my first and only choice for these upgrades. Why? Simply service, experience, and customer support that I could count on! Customer service is a critical measure of quality for Fox Metro Laboratory when we choose suppliers. Weldstar lives up to its commitment to us. Keep up the good work! ”

- Randall R. Hummer, Fox Metro W.R.D.

“As a non-profit, educational institution, we are always coming up with interesting and innovative ways to teach educational concepts. Butler Gas has proved over the years to be a reliable and professional partner! The team is knowledgeable about the industry, products, and how we can use their products safely (and correctly). We order specialty gases regularly and are always impressed with their timeliness. They are a leader in Customer Service as well. Many competitors in the area are not mindful of the clients they serve. Butler Gas is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure I have the products I need!”

- Amanda I, Manager

“Working with Butler Gas has been a great partnership for us over the last few years. They always take the time to meet with us, understand exactly what we need, and find the best solution. Our gas products are delivered to multiple locations, with a focus on safety and professionalism we have come to expect.”

- Chris M, Vice President

“I can report without reservation that my experience with Butler Gas has made my company, my employees and myself better in numerous ways. The value platform that we enjoy from Butler includes product quality, technical expertise and reliability of the highest order, wrapped in an all-consuming culture of safety and customer focus. I know our partnership with Butler Gas is a catalyst in our growth and success. I would highly recommend Butler Gas to anyone.”

- Mark R, Chief Executive Officer

“Butler Gas has been our supplier for over 10 years. My point of use is hard to access and the folks at Butler have always made it easy to have the gases delivered there. We are a research laboratory and over the years we have had projects that required non-routine products, and the experts at Butler Gas are always very knowledgeable and helpful. Butler continues to offer more products with excellent support from the sales team. With competitive pricing there is no reason not to use Butler Gas.”

- Ron R, Laboratory Manager