About PurityPlus®

We’re excited about having a national brand in PurityPlus®. We take pride in the quality and level of safety in our specialty gas products.

PurityPlus® has established the best methods of producing high-end products. We meet the most stringent standards for quality; free from harmful contaminants which could interfere with controlled processes or vital instrumentation.

Our knowledgeable and experienced technicians set us apart from the competition. Every PurityPlus® laboratory is staffed to ensure your individual requirements are achieved, your service expectations are exceeded and your PurityPlus® products are delivered on time, every time, anywhere. After all, what good is a product if it's not available when you need it most?

All PurityPlus® facilities are certified by an independent, third-party source and are available to local distributors with the technical expertise you require. Certified purity and local availability, two good reasons why you can be confident in PurityPlus® for all of your important applications.